Steel Group

  • Duration: Approx. - 2.5 hours
  • Inclusions: Port Kembla Steelworks, Steel Making (walk through Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Plant, Slab Caster, Hot Strip Mill or Plate Mill - depending on operational requirements)

After a safety briefing at the Visitor's Centre, visitors are fitted with safety glasses, gloves, helmet, high-visibilty jacket and hearing protection. Communication devices are supplied for the tour.

Through the BlueScope Steel Northgate the tour enters the Port Kembla Steelworks plant proper. The tremendous environmental advances made by the steelworks over the last decade are evident in the gardens and the plant itself. Visitors learn of the enormous site improvement and recycling programs and the many ingenious developments that have been put in place to deliver environmental improvements.

The tour makes its way between giant buildings, past finished steel product, alongside massive raw materials stockpiles and between the immense blast furnaces. Molten iron may be seen being tapped from the Blast Furnaces. Giant vehicles share the roads with the tour coach.

Passing the gas holders the tour makes its way to the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS) plant. Passengers alight and make their way up an external staircase to the furnace floor. Inside this massive building is the first glimpse of the heart of steel production. The size and scale of everything from cranes to the BOS vessels is awesome.

Following the strict directions of the guide the tour group makes its way into the BOS control room. Gazing into the fiery inferno the tour witnesses the 1600-degree Celsius process that transforms molten iron into steel.

Walking along the steel gantries high up in the BOS the group follows the steel making process through to the Continuous Slab Caster. Molten steel is poured into casting machines. Suspended over the still red-hot moving slabs visitors feel the heat of the steel passing underneath them.

After leaving the Slab Caster the tour boards the coach for a short journey to the Hot Strip Mill or Plate Mill. At the Hot Strip Mill the tour alights the bus and traces the journey of the steel slab along the shop floor as it is reheated and rolled into coils. There is an amazing display of action and sound in the Hot Strip Mill as the slabs travel at high speed through rollers and the cooling processes.

The group rejoins the bus often after witnessing the steel slab now wound into a 1km long coil. A short journey back to the Visitor Centre to end the tour.

To ensure your safety the following conditions apply;
  • Minimum age 10 years.
  • All visitors must wear suitable clothing - long trousers or slacks and flat heeled fully enclosed shoes.
  • Photography is not permitted whilst inside the Steelworks.
  • Due to staircase access, the tour may not suit people with mobility problems.
  • Smoking and the carrying of cigarette lighters are not permitted.
  • Visitors with a heart pacemaking device may be restricted from certain areas.


Hot Strip Mill    
AIW is a working industrial area.
Tours may be altered to meet process or safety requirements.

All tours start and finish at the AIW Visitor Centre.
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