Our Criteria


health, safety, environment, diversity, youth, education

all applications will be considered under the following criteria;

  1. BulletDoes you project or organisation follow one or more of the themes - health, safety, environment, diversity, youth and education?

  2. BulletAre you meeting community expectations?

  3. BulletWill your project leave a lasting legacy to the community?

  1. BulletAre you a genuine not-for-profit group?

  2. BulletDo you have a demonstrated financial shortfall?

  3. BulletDo you already have a credible reputation?

  4. BulletHave you already been able to demonstrate self-help behaviour?

  5. BulletDo you have the ability to attract further funding?

  1. BulletAre you able to provide opportunities to recognise the BlueScopeWIN program at events and otherwise?

Applications will not be considered if;

  1. Bullet the event or organisation is located outside of the Illawarra region (Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama, Shoalhaven, Council areas);

  2. Bullet it involves political interests or campaigns;

  3. Bullet it involves raising funds for other organisations;

  4. Bullet it involves religious organisations for religious purposes;

  5. Bullet it involves professional sports or artists or commercial interests;

  6. Bullet it involves any unsafe or environmentally damaging practices.

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a partnership between BlueScope, the WIN Network - and you!

for all enquiries, contact Program Coordinator
  02 42757800 (b)  
brent.hilbrink-watson@bluescopesteel.com or
aPO Box 1022, Wollongong Business Centre, 2500
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